London VFX and post facility Smoke & Mirrors is installing the Emotion File Finish application known as eFF from Emotion Systems for addressing loudness problems in file-based media. Emotion says it has worked closely with S&M as "an integral partner" on developing the software to better address complex workflow needs.
The eFF software analyzes files to detect loudness violations, then fixes them automatically. The updated version being shown at NAB next month supports AIFF, WAV, MOV, MPG, and MXF and handles 16-bit and 24-bit audio. It can test for multiple loudness parameters in one pass and adjust levels up or down to meet specified targets.
Regulations have been introduced by both governments and industry organizations to ensure that TV spots and promos are in compliance with legal "loudness" standards. In the U.S., the new FCC rules regarding loud commercials take effect on December 13 of this year. In Europe, loudness levels are specified by the EBU recommendation known as R 128, which expands on the BS.1770-2 standard set by the ITU.
Also using eFF in the London post-production arena is The Mill, which ordered licenses for the software last month. The latest eFF version will be at NAB in Emotion Systems booth #N3719.
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