Accelerated Arriraw Debayering and More Red Support in the Mix

Assimilate upgraded its Scratch and Scratch Lab DI software to support a raft of new camera formats, including Sony's F5 and F55, the Canon C500, and the Blackmagic Cinema Camera. Also new is an accelerated debayer method for Arriraw footage that the company says is "dramatically faster." It's set as the default for loading new Arriraw media.

Assimilate also added Scratch and Scratch Lab support for Sony's new firmware-enabled 6K and 8K recording formats for the F65, monochrome Red footage, and a DCI-compliant  JPEG2000 implementation.

Here's the complete feature list for the latest Scratch update.

  • Support for Sony F5/F55 and the new F65 format via the new Sony SDK, including 6k and 8k support
  • Support for SONY Mpeg-2 .mp4, .mov and XAVC HD/4K .mxf
  • New ASSIMILATE custom ARRI fast Debayer – built for significant speed while still preserving color accuracy
  • Support for RED monochrome footage, DRX control on RED Rocket cards and additional metadata items (such as scene and take)
  • Support for Canon C500 .rmf
  • Support for Blackmagic Design Cinema DNG
  • Upgraded jpeg2000 implementation that generates DCI compliant output
  • Ability to load multi-view EXR images as under/over images

Scratch sells for $20,995 and its little brother, Scratch Lab, targeted at production dailies and VFX dailies pipelines, is $5,990. An annual site license for both products, including maintenance and support, is $33,000.

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