RV Player Development Team to Join Shotgun Unit at Autodesk

Autodesk purchased the assets of Tweak, maker of the widely used RV software for VFX playback and review. RV will remain available, the companies said, while Tweak's entire staff, including partners Jim Houriahn, Seth Rosenthal, and Alan Trombla, will become part of the Shotgun team at Autodesk, working out of their current locations.

"In addition to looking for new avenues to further integration between RV, Shotgun and Autodesk, Tweak will continue to develop, support and sell RV as an open and pipeline agnositic tool," an Autodesk rep told StudioDaily via email. 

Existing RV licenses and maintenance agreements will be serviced through the existing Tweak team, while new licenses and maintenance subscriptions will be sold by Autodesk. Presumably, this means that the current $299 purchase option for RV will remain in place until February 1, 2016, when all Autodesk products are going subscription-only. Update: Autodesk tells us, "The announcement about perpetual products did not apply to products that were not currently available from Autodesk, such as RV, and we'll provide greater details about the impact of the subscription transition on Tweak later this year."