Longstanding editorial facilities like Deluxe Digital Studios, AlphaDogs and PostWorks NY have all turned to Facilis shared storage to keep their post workflows moving and their film and TV clients happy. PWNY, in fact, was one of the original TerraBlock beta-testers. Now Facilis has launched an easy-to-use application that lets users quickly search, view and index any media that lives on the facility's shared TerraBlock storage.

With FastTracker, which is hosted on the TerraBlock server, connected users can find media and drag and drop it into their bin or timeline to start cutting immediately in Avid Media Composer, Avid Pro Tools Apple FCPX and Adobe Premiere Pro CC from either Mac or PC workstations. Clips can also be instantly previewed by thumbnail scroll or played at full resolution inside FastTracker's integrated viewer. 

FastTracker is targeted at facilities that need an efficient and no-cost way to manage the ever-expanding stream of high-resolution files. The initial five seats of FastTracker are free to TerraBlock customers with eligible software support contracts. 

Beyond the instant media access, FastTracker also can tag and search custom content catalogs and add permissioned access by user account. Playback support includes MOV, MP4, AVC, AVI, and MXF, plus DPX, EXR, PNG, TARGA stills and image sequences. The company says the integrated approach eliminates the need for an additional external client workstation to manage media; periodic remote indexing can even be assigned to the server itself.