A new Los Angeles office is the 12th worldwide for Chimney, which came to the U.S. in time to produce two Lexus campaigns, including the “Man & Machine” spot that debuted during the Super Bowl.

That’s “movement artist” Lil Buck in the spot, choreographed against “Move Your Body” by Sia. The car is the Lexus LC 500, and viewers are invited to compare Lil Buck’s precisely executed moves to the car’s graceful design. Chimney LA worked on the spot along with the company’s offices in Poland and Sweden.

“No better way to start in the U.S. than with a high-end Super Bowl commercial,” said Jesper Palsson, managing director of Chimney LA, in a prepared statement. “With a tight deadline, high-end VFX and an all-star team from the agency and production company, we had to go all-in on this one.”

Chimney LA has signed up as the only post-production and VFX client of Shortlist MGmt, which also represents RSA, Caviar, Tool, and No6 Editorial.

Chimney opened in Stockholm in 1995 and now says it produces 1,000 projects a year for more than 60 countries, employing around 400 artists worldwide. The company is privately held by a consortium of 50 artists.