Sapphire and Continuum Get New Versions; Boris FX Suite and Sapphire Unit Licensing Options to Be Added

Boris FX said its NAB slate next month will include new versions of Continuum and Sapphire, plus a Boris FX Suite package (starting at $2,295, or $895 annual subscription) that includes a perpetual or subscription license for Sapphire, Continuum and Mocha Pro plug-ins. The new updates promise to offer significant enhancements, with Mocha tools crossing over into Sapphire 11 and a new licensing deal with Primatte promising more advanced keying technology.

Boris FX Sapphire 11 with Mocha

Boris FX Sapphire 11 will integrate tracking and masking from Mocha. 

Mocha tracking and masking tools are going to be integrated directly into all of Sapphire 11's filters, including lighting and glow effects, the company said. Boris is also breaking Sapphire down into nine "Units" that will allow users to license only a category-based subset of filters at a lower price, rather than the full package. A Sapphire 11 license starts at $1,695 (or $495 annual subscription) with upgrades starting at $450. Pricing for Sapphire Units was not announced.


Primatte chroma-keying technology will be incorporated in all Boris FX products, the company said.

Boris Continuum 11 will now include the Primatte chroma keyer as part of a just-announced licensing agreement to incorporate Primatte developer Photron's keying algorithm in Boris FX products. The compositing tools will be released for Avid, Apple, Adobe and OFX hosts, Boris said. Titler Studio now has a real-time 3D particle engine and a 360/VR unit drawing on technology from Mocha VR for 360-degree video finishing. Continuum 11 starts at $695 (or $595 annual subscription) with upgrades starting at $195.

Mocha VR

The newly released Mocha VR will get a big NAB push, as well.

The newly released Mocha VR starts at $995 (or $795 annual subscription) with upgrades for Mocha Pro 5 users starting at $300. 

Boris FX also said RLM licensing for enterprise customers will be supported across Sapphire, Continuum and Mocha, allowing licenses and background rendering capabilities to be shared across a facility. 

"Following the recent merger with the team behind Sapphire, we are committed to delivering incredible new plug-ins to both editors and effects artists for creative and technical challenges,” said Boris FX Founder and President Boris Yamnitsky in a prepared statement. “We have listened to the customer base and are responding with highly requested new tools including: a Primatte Keyer, integration of Academy-Award winning Mocha tracking tools into Sapphire, and a RLM licensing system to unify all product licensing.”