The former Motion FX, maker of ThunderPack RAID systems for on-set workflow, is now Acromove, with new world headquarters in the Universal Lofts building near Universal Studios opening this month.

“Los Angeles is the logical place for us to have our first office outside of Europe,” said Acromove CEO Artemis Achillopoulos in a prepared statement. “We will have a fully staffed support center, as well as sales and marketing personnel.” European and Asian business will continue to be overseen from the company’s offices in Athens, where manufacturing operations will remain.

Acromove’s new products will debut at NAB 2017.

Acromove is known for its battery powered ThunderPack systems, first introduced in 2014. This year, the company said, it will show the ServerPack, a platform for moving large quantities of data in edge-of-cloud environments that’s based on the original ThunderPack but employs 8- to 12-core Xeon processing and ramps capacity up to a maximum of 120 TB.

Also new at NAB will be the ThunderPack Mini, which uses Thunderbolt 2 or Thunderbolt 3 and can be configured with between 8 and 40 TB of capacity. “It has a unique, shock-proof form factor that can be stowed in airline overhead compartments,” said Steve Crouch, the company’s VP of sales for the Americas in a prepared statement. “There’s nothing like it.”