'Industry Defining Project' Will Concentrate on Gathering Information from PL-Mount and Some Panavision-Mount Lenses

What does it take to bring image-making rivals like Blackmagic Design, Canon, Panavision, Red Digital Cinema and Sony together in a single effort? Lens metadata.

Cooke Optics said those companies, as well as CW Sonderoptic, have come together in an effort to standardize lens metadata collection for PL lenses, along with some Panavision mount lenses, using the/i technology originally developed by Cooke 17 years ago.

“We are proud to take this significant step with our friends at Panavision, Red, Canon, Blackmagic Design, CW Sonderoptic and Sony to recognize /i Technology as an industry-wide standard language for metadata from PL-mount lenses,” said Cooke Optics Chairman and Owner Les Zellan in a prepared statement. “Our goal has always been to give /i to the wider industry in order to provide filmmakers and post-production teams around the world the crucial lens data they need in a format that is universally recognized. This collaboration takes us a big step closer to achieving that goal.”

“It’s exciting because customers can use the lens metadata throughout the entire production process when they shoot and then edit, color-correct and finish projects with DaVinci Resolve, or when creating visual effects with Fusion,” said Blackmagic CEO Grant Petty in a statement provided by Cooke.

Cooke’s broader /i Technology program boasts 30 partners (counting Cooke itself), including such companies as ARRI, Fujinon, Vision Research, Avid and The Foundry.

Cooke said recent developments in the /i platform include a camera and lens communication system similar to that found on 2/3-inch broadcast camera systems, inertial tracking to provide better data to VFX teams, and distortion mapping to correct the imperfections of individual lenses.

Cooke Optics: www.cookeoptics.com