Pond5 has released a new free plug-in providing access to its library of video, music and sound effects through Adobe Premiere Pro.

The company said the new plug-in, available through Adobe Add-ons, allows users to search the Pond5 library by keyword, then apply filters related to duration, frame rate and other clip properties. Editors can work with low-resolution comps that are replaced by full-resolution files when purchases are made in the application.

“When we designed the Pond5 add-on for Adobe Premiere Pro, we knew that one of the most valuable things we could do was help our customers save time while improving their workflow,” said Pond5 CEO Jason Teichman in a prepared statement. “That’s why this seamless integration into the Adobe Premiere Pro CC interface brings users all the power of the Pond5 collection without ever forcing you to leave the application.”

Pond5: www.pond5.com