Sigma said two new cine-style lenses, the Sigma 14mm T2 FF and 135mm T2 FF will start shipping by the end of this month for $4,999 each.

Available in EF-, E-, and PL-mount versions, the lenses will also come in a set, with accompanying protective carrying case, for $10,499, Sigma said. A seven-lens set also including Sigma’s 20mm T1.5 FF, 24mm T1.5FF, 35mm T1.5 FF, 50mm T1.5 FF  and 85mm T1.5 FF lenses, along with an extra case, will be $24,799.

Sigma said both lenses have been built with 180-degree focus rotation, are fully compatible with full-frame sensors, and can resolve up to 8K of picture information.