At IBC next month, Telestream will debut Timed Text Speech, a new file-based automated transcription service designed for quickly captioning content on short deadlines or for captioning shortform content.

Timed Text Speech uses a cloud-based speech-to-text system to instantly populate a captioning project with a correctly timed text transcript of a given video, the company said. That means operators can begin reviewing the transcription while the text-to-speech engine is still churning through the rest of the program.

Timed Text Speech is designed to integrate with Telestream’s MacCaption and CaptionMaker closed-captioning software as part of an end-to-end transcription and subtitling/captioning tool. Users are charged by the transcription minute, meaning they don’t pay for idle time, according to Telestream’s product manager for captioning and subtitling, Giovanni Galvez.

“When combined with the Telestream MacCaption/CaptionMaker closed captioning software, Timed Text Speech becomes part of an all-in-one transcription and subtitling/captioning tool that allows users to easily transcribe, transcode, convert, troubleshoot, modify, and deploy caption data alongside video – regardless of the delivery platform,” Galvez said in a prepared statement.

Timed Text Speech will launch with support for English, French, Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish-language video content, with support for Arabic, Japanese and Mandarin planned for a future release. It’s scheduled to ship in October.

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