Atomos foregrounded HDR production at IBC, announcing a new, recorderless version of its 1200-nit Sumo19 production and studio monitor and a firmware update due later this year that will simplify delivery of HDR content to YouTube.

Atomos said the new Sumo19M has the same screen and design as the Sumo19, but is optimized for monitoring with a tweaked UI and dual 12G-SDI inputs. It’s expected to ship by the end of the month for an SRP of $1,995, compared to $2,495 for the monitor-recorder.

Atomos Sumo 19M

Atomos Sumo 19M

“The idea with the Sumo 19M is to bring the latest advances in modern on-set monitoring to a much wider range of cinematographers, directors, producers and other creatives than ever before,” said Atomos CEO Jeromy Young ina prepared statement. “Now anyone will be able to utilize a high-brightness on-set monitor and HDR, not just high-end productions.”

Atomos said that its upcoming firmware update will allow an Atomos 4K HDR recorder to correctly transform footage with log gamma using PQ or HLG transforms and to apply the appropriate metadata tags for YouTube in real time. When the clip is uploaded, it should play in HDR with no further effort, the company said, making it easy to watch the footage on an HDR-ready phone, tablet or TV.