Blackmagic Design updated the Ultimatte compositing hardware it acquired last year, releasing the 12G-SDI UHD-ready Ultimatte 12 at IBC.

Blackmagic said the new version of the keyer includes “entirely new” color science, with better edge handling, separation, spill suppression and color fidelity than previous models. But beyond touting the new algorithms, Blackmagic described new types of objects that can be composited into scenes with the improved hardware.

For example, Blackmagic has added a new “realistic” layer compositing mode designed for realistically adding semi-transparent objects to a virtual set for an “augmented reality” effect that correctly keys tinted objects without changing their colors. WIth the improved keying, Blackmagic said, on-screen talent can walk behind those objects without breaking the illusion. Blackmagic is also promoting Ultimatte for on-set previs workflow for film and TV, given its ability to place green-screen performers in virtual sets in real time.

Blackmagic Design Ultimatte 12 front and rear view

Blackmagic Design Ultimatte 12 front and rear view

“Ultimatte 12 is no longer just a simple keyer,” said Blackmagic Design CEO Grant Petty in a prepared statement. “It’s an Ultra HD real-time compositing engine designed specifically for today’s live broadcast, television and film production needs.”

New in this version is “one-touch” technology for automatically analyzing and setting parameters to pull keys for a given scene, which Blackmagic said will speed up the process, assuming the scene is properly lit and cameras are correctly white-balanced. Up to eight Ultimatte 12s can be daisy-chained for control over Ethernet via the Smart Remote 4, an optional touchscreen remote.

Like its predecessor, Ultimate 12 is $9,995. The Ultimatte Smart Remote 4 is also shipping now for $3,855, Blackmagic said.

 Blackmagic Design Ultimatte 12: