Box Apexx 4 workstation

Boxx Technologies has begun offering workstations built around the new 16-bit AMD Ryzen Threadripper CPU.

After a long period where Intel had dominated the market for high-performance CPUs, AMD returned to the high end of the market this year with the release of its new Ryzen architecture, its first major update in five years. The top tier of Ryzen CPUs are the Ryzen Threadripper chips, which come in eight-, 12- and 16-core versions. Boxx is offering the 16-core version in its Apexx 4 6301 workstation.

The 6301 workstation supports up to three AMD Radeon Pro WX-series or Nvidia graphic cards and up to 128 GB of RAM, Boxx said.

“Apexx 4 is our most versatile workstation product line,” said Boxx VP of Marketing and Business Development Shoaib Mohammad in a prepared statement. “By offering the AMD Ryzen Threadripper CPU combined with Boxx innovation, we are once again providing digital content creators with state-of-the art performance to help them work faster and more efficiently.”

Early reviewers have suggested that the new AMD chips are at least competitive with Intel’s line up, especially where multithreaded performance is concerned. Any individual user’s mileage is going to depend in part on which software they use, which features of that software are most important to them, and how efficiently those features have been coded to take advantage of multithreading technology.

The Apexx 4 6301 workstation starts at $3,931 with a 12-core 3.5 GHz AMD Threadripper 1920X processor, Nvidia Quadro P600 graphics and 32 GB of RAM. Upgrading to the 16-bit Threadripper adds $297 to the price tag.

Boxx Technologies: