Texture and material specialist Allegorithmic launched the new Signature Series, which adds designs created by professional artists to the Substance Source library of materials that can be downloaded by Allegorithmic Substance users.

The first Signature Series release is a group of 15 materials  — featuring realistic soil, snow, roots, stone, and more — related to jungle, desert, and Iceland settings created by Bungie Lead Environment Artist Daniel Thiger, who worked on the videogames Destiny and Destiny 2. Each material is completely procedural rather than photographic, meaning their characteristics can be customized by users.

“The goal was for each Substance material to be diverse and customizable in order to highlight the true power of Substance Designer over other static media formats,” Thiger said in a post at the Allegorithmic website. “I wanted to give the end user more control by adding useful, tweakable parameters. The parameters I enabled are inspired by what would naturally occur in nature, such as snow melting, leaves accumulating, water levels rising, erosion, etc.”

The new materials are available at no additional cost to Substance Source subscribers, and the Iceland Cliff material is being released for free so that potential users can gauge the quality of other materials in the series.

A Substance Source subscription starts at $19.90/month, or $239/year, for “indie” users with annual revenue of less than $100,000 and includes up to 30 Substance Source downloads per month, along with Substance Designer, Substance Painter and Substance B2M software. A pro license, covering companies with revenues up to $100 million, is $99/month or $990/year, with customized plans available for larger enterprise users as well as for academic applications.

Allegorithmic: www.allegorithmic.com