How much does the Arri Alexa LF really cost? Which cinema camera has a base ISO of 1250? Is the Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro Netflix-approved?

Whatever your pressing questions regarding camera technology, there’s a good chance the new 2018 Camera Comparison Chart [link to Google Drive document; click the “download” symbol on top right to save a copy] from imaging gurus Thomas Fletcher and Gary Adcock will go some distance toward shedding light on the problem.

The latest edition of the long-running chart series compares specs across a range of 15 digital cinema cameras available for sale and rent — plus 35mm film as a baseline format. The listed data includes imager sizes, base ISOs, available frame rates, dynamic range, resolution, recording options, camera weight and power draw, and more.

“Please note portions of this chart are subjective,” Fletcher and Adcock wrote in an email distributing the chart. “This is not scientifically tested and collected data. We have sincerely tried to assemble accurate information to share with the industry. Our goal is to help producers make an educated decision in a rapidly changing camera and optical landscape.

“That said, numbers do not tell the whole story. Look at the images and consult your cinematographer. We encourage you to test for yourself!”

The authors request that any inaccuracies be reported via email: