Silver Spoon has opened a 12,000-square-foot performance-capture facility in New York City offering services including body and facial capture, rigging and scanning and post-processing.

The new operation in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, includes a 65 x 55-foot mocap stage with 16-to-20-foot-high ceilings and an approximately 53 x 50-foot capture volume. The studio has 48 Vicon Vantage cameras running on a Vicon Shogun system as well as a 32-camera Optitrack system for VR. A second stage in Manhattan has a much smaller 30 x 15-foot capture volume with 16 Vicon T160 cameras running on Vicon Blade 3.

Cleaning and retargeting services are provided by a team of Autodesk Maya, Motion Builder, and 3dsMax and Unreal Engine artists, and 3D-imaging specialist Scanable is a partner in the scanning process.

mocap stage

Motion Capture stage at Silver Spoon in Brooklyn

“This entity fills a void for motion capture in New York,” said Silver Spoon Managing Director Dan Pack in a prepared statement. “Looking at the incredible work being done by local VFX shops in commercials, film and TV on the east coast, the missing piece was an all-encompassing performance capture and virtual production studio…. The New York tax incentives are so lucrative that most clients are looking to do more work here, given the chance.”

Silver Spoon is an arm of ASB, a New York-based content creation company with 10 studios worldwide.

Silver Spoon: