Maxon unveiled the latest update to its Cinema 4D design and animation software, including a node-based materials editor and a new system of MoGraph Fields that allows falloff effects to be tweaked by stacking Fields in layers or combining them in groups.

“We are excited to be delivering high-end tools and features that will streamline workflow and push the industry in new and exciting directions,” said Maxon Computer CEO David McGavran in a prepared statement. “Over the last decade, our MoGraph toolset has revolutionized the broadcast graphics industry. The new Fields system in R20 offers the next evolution in Cinema 4D’s signature workflow.”

Cinema 4D R20 screen shot

Maxon Cinema 4D R20

The materials editor includes a selection of more than 150 nodes that can be used to build textures, adjusting parameters including color-correction, camera distance, noise, gradients, patterns and more. Nodes can be combined to create custom shaders, and interfaces can be created that make only certain parameters available for further adjustment.

The new Fields capabilities allow users of C4D’s MoGraph procedural animation toolset to control the strength of effects — Effectors, Deformers, Vertex Maps, or Selection tags — using fields that define effect strength using shapes, shaders, sounds, objects or formulas. Fields can be layered, using standing mixing modes to remap their effects, and deployed in groups. In C4D Release 20 (R20), Fields replace Falloffs and old, legacy fallofs can be converted to Fields.

C4D R20 also introduces a new OpenDVB-based Volume Builder and Mesher for creating complex models from primitives and polygon objects. And ProRender has been improved, with support for subsurface scattering, linear and sub-frame motion blur, and multi-pass rendering. Motion-tracking workflow has been refined, with a redesigned layout and a new keyframing option can auto-add virtual keyframes based on error threshold or frame interval.

R20 also adds the ability to import CAD models from Solidworks, STEP, Catia, JT and IGES file formats.

C3D R20 will be on demo at Maxon’s Booth #1316 at SIGGRAPH 2018. It is expected to ship for Mac OS X (10.9.5 or higher with 64-bit Intel processor) and Windows (7 SP1 64-bit, 8 64-bit, 8.1 64-bit or 10 64-bit) in early September. C4D Studio R19 sells for $3,695 plus an additional $725 for an annual licensing agreement, which includes any upgrades, after purchase. The first annual licensing agreement will be included at no charge for customers who buy R19 between now and August 31, effectively giving new purchasers a free upgrade to R20 when it becomes available.