Arri made it easier to control and coordinate its SkyPanel LED soft lights and L-Series LED fresnels with Stellar, a new app for iOS and Android phones and tablets that debuted at IBC 2018.

Offering Art-Net, sACN, DMX and RDM implementations, Stellar will allow large SkyPanels rigs to be wirelessly controlled on a mobile device via Arri’s SkyLink hardware. The application automatically searches DMX/RDM networks for Arri fixtures and a feature called DMX Automatic Layout sets DMX start addresses for different fixtures.

Arri Stellar running on iOS devices

Arri Stellar interface

Stellar allows users to import lighting plots and lay out fixtures on a 2D plane for quick selection of different fixtures based on their position in the plot. A lighting set-up can be quickly switched between a day look and a night look, with Stellar managing all of the required modes and settings on each fixture. DPs and gaffers can also save specific colors and lighting effects as presets to call them up quickly on different projects or share them with other Stellar users.

Arri said Stellar is also capable of sending gel and source matching color data (from a selection of more than 300 gels and 45 light source matching colors) directly to L-series fixtures. A user can tap the desired color, then dial in the appropriate intensity on a touch slider, if necessary.

Stellar fits on a phone screen, but the interface is sized more comfortably on a tablet. Watch the video, below, for a better idea of the app’s look and feel.

Stellar is a free download from Apple’s App Store or Google Play but requires a monthly ($9.99) or yearly ($99.99) subscription.

Arri Stellar: