Underlying Cloud Storage Platform May Be Key to Future Virtualized Offerings

Quantum announced a new, all-NVMe, top-tier storage option at NAB, the F2000.

Part of the company’s new F series of high-performance NVMe arrays incorporating RDMA networking technology, the F2000 is not meant to be a standalone storage appliance but rather the top tier of an existing storage system. It will be most attractive to studios that need high performance for 4K, 8K, and high-frame-rate video workflow, who can use it to create a small pool of NVMe storage where performance-hungry media can reside.

Quantum F2000

The F2000 is a 2RU dual-node storage server with two hot-swappable compute canisters that can support up to 24 NVMe drives. It uses RDMA networking technology (specifically iSER, we’re told) for fast connections between workstations and NVMe storage devices.

The F series is based on a new software-defined block storage stack called the Quantum Cloud Storage Platform, which was created by Quantum specifically for video. The Cloud Storage Platform is closely integrated with StorNext, and it’s key to future software-defined, hyperconverged designs that could incorporate different elements, such as a virtualized NLE, running on the platform.

“This is the most significant product launch we’ve done in years, not only because our F-series product line will enable our customers in media to produce more great high-def content faster over IP networks, but because the F series is the first product line based on the Quantum Cloud Storage Platform,” said Quantum President and CEO Jamie Lerner in a prepared statement. “This platform is a stepping stone for us and for our customers to move to a more software-defined, hyperconverged architecture, and is at the core of additional products we will be introducing later this year.”