Angenieux was at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival this week, where it debuted its new Optimo Prime lens line-up.

Lenses in the Optimo Prime series will share a T-stop of 1.8, support Cooke /i and Arri LDS metadata, and have common gear sizing and positioning across the full set. They cover a full-frame image circle (46.5mm) and have interchangeable LPL, XPL, PL, EF, F and XL mounts.

The first six lenses — 21mm, 28mm, 40mm, 50mm, 75mm and 135mm — are expected to ship in fall of 2020. That winter, Angenieux expects to add 18mm, 32mm and 100mm lenses to the line-up, followed by a final salvo of 24mm, 60mm and 200mm lenses in spring 2021.

Angenieux Optimo Prime 40mm

Angenieux Optimo Prime 40mm
Band Pro

Band Pro, which will sell the new lenses into the American market, broke the news in the U.S. “Partnering with Angenieux on Optimo Primes is nothing short of a milestone achievement,” said Band Pro President and CEO Amnon Band in a prepared statement. “We’ve worked hard to capture the essence of classic Angenieux glass and paired it with the most advanced modern optical engineering to make a lens unlike any other.”

The lenses will be available in Europe and Africa from Angenieux, and in Asia from Jebsen CineCast.

The full 12-lens set is currently available for pre-order at a total price of $310,000. They’ll be on display at both Band Pro’s book (#70) and Angenieux’s booth (#40) Cine Gear, which kicks off next week at The Studios at Paramount in Hollywood.