Studio Technologies released details on its Model 207 eSports Console, a new audio interface designed to address the needs of the burgeoning eSports market.

The Model 207 is a tabletop device with both analog and Dante audio-networking connectivity. The box features a five-pin female XLR jack for traditional pro audio devices such as intercom headsets as well as a 3.5mm TRRS jack for connecting purpose-built gaming headsets. That’s key because ESports participants often prefer consumer gaming gear; in fact, their sponsorship deals may require that they use it. But pro audio hardware doesn’t necessarily accommodate it.

Also built in is a 3.5mm TRS input jack, which accepts a line-input analog signal from a PC and converts it to digital for Ethernet output via two Dante channels. Operating power is provided through the Ethernet jack via PoE connection.

Studio Technologies Model 207 Audio Interface

Studio Technologies Model 207 Audio Interface back panel
Studio Technologies

“As the popularity of eSports has continued to grow, so have the expectations for the technology used by the competitors and event personnel,” said Studio Technologies President Gordon Kapes in a prepared statement. “We saw a trend in customers using our existing products for broadcast and streaming eSports applications. The results were adequate but not optimal, which led us to explore the field.”

Three dials on the front of the unit allow users to dial in a headphone monitor mix drawing on the four Dante input channels, the stereo line input, and microphone sidetone. Specific functions — including microphone preamp and stereo line-input gain and electret power — can be configured using the company’s STcontroller software.

Studio Technologies: