Avid has released MediaCentral 2019, updating its media platform with improved collaboration workflow, better search and logging capabilities, and automated file ingest.

Deployable by facilities on premise or in public, private or hybrid cloud configurations, the new MediaCentral 2019 is aimed at geographically dispersed teams working in TV news, sports and post-production. The platform supports search, browse and playback across up to six production sites with real-time remote performance, Avid said.

A new query builder allows searches to be more carefully constructed, and a phonetic index allows clips to be searched for spoken words. A new Log application supports real-time tagging, including setting spans with in and out points, so that footage is indexed for MediaCentral Search as it’s acquired. And the desktop ingest application fully supports media ingest with Avid Media Access.

“We’ve taken the core business capabilities of MediaCentral, the richest media platform available, and redesigned it so our customers — whether they are a team of two or an organization of thousands — have easy access to information, assets and apps so they can turn around their content faster than ever before,” said Raymond Thompson, Avid’s director of broadcast and media solutions marketing, in a prepared statement.

If you want a preview, the User’s Guide for MediaCentral Cloud UX v2019.6 is available for download.

Avid MediaCentral: www.avid.com