The International Cinematographers Guild (ICG) named the 2019 honorees in its annual Emerging Cinematographer Awards program.

Ten “promising” cinematographers were chosen from a field of 108 members of Local 600 — none of them yet classified as directors of photography — who submitted short films (30 minutes or less) featuring their work as DPs.

Daniel Bombell, Present Day, Athens (1st Assistant)
Tinx Chan, Empty Skies (Operator)
Marcos Durian, Fish Head (2nd Assistant)
Chad Erickson, Eddy (Operator)
Geoff George, My Blood (Operator)
Shannon Madden, Scratch (Operator)
Bongani Mlambo, The Coin (1st Assistant)
Jared Moossy, A Lucky Man (Operator)
Claudio Rietti, Kid Boxer (Operator)
Alejandro Wilkins, El Gallo (Operator)

“This year we had our largest crop of submissions, making the competition increasingly more challenging and setting a new bar for the outstanding quality of the films and new talent,” said Jimmy Matlosz, chairman of the ICG’s Emerging Cinematographer Awards committee, in a prepared statement.

The 10 honorees’ short film selections will be screened October 6 at the Saban Media Center in Los Angeles, CA, October 28 at the SVA Theatre in New York City, and November 3 at SCADshow in Atlanta and the Logan Theatre in Chicago.

Emerging Cinematographer Awards: