Dropbox rolled out a new set of integrations with video and audio tools including mobile video editing app Adobe Premiere Rush, transcription services Otter.ai and Simon Says, GrayMeta’s Curio machine-learning platform, and more.

The new functions are aimed at allowing users to share files over Dropbox without leaving specific applications to get those files, as well as to automatically add metadata that increases the value and searchability of video archives stored on Dropbox.

Screenshot of Dropbox integration with Adobe Premiere Rush

Dropbox integration with Adobe Premiere Rush

For example, the new Premiere Rush integration allows content stored on Dropbox to be imported into Rush via its media browser by any members of a collaborative team. Edited sequences can be exported back to Dropbox for further sharing.

An example of Otter.ai's Dropbox interface

An example of Otter.ai’s Dropbox interface

Otter.ai can now be connected to Dropbox, which creates a special Otter app subfolder inside your Dropbox folder. Video and audio files dropped there are automatically transcribed and tagged with keywords, then sync’d back to Dropbox so that the resulting documents can be shared with teams. (This requires an Otter Premium account at $9.99/month or $99.99/year.)

A similar bridge has been built to Simon Says, allowing users to create transcriptions of footage stored in Dropbox that can be exported (with timecode sync) to programs including Adobe Premiere Pro and Audition, Apple Final Cut Pro, and Avid Media Composer, as well as Microsoft Word and Excel or the SRT subtitle format. Simon Says claims to work in 100 languages, so you’ve got a decent chance of finding support for the ones you need.

Screenshot of Videomenthe's Eolementhe integration

Videomenthe’s Eolementhe integration

Media processing and delivery platform Videomenthe has added Dropbox integration to its Eolementhe service, allowing finished content to be transcribed, translated, and captioned and then sync’d back to Dropbox, with optional modifications to conform to delivery specs for different clients.

Screenshot of GrayMeta's Curio platform with Dropbox file support

GrayMeta’s Curio platform with Dropbox file support

Dropbox said GrayMeta’s Curio AI platform can be given access to a Dropbox folder, where it can index content and provide a specialized interface for searching and retrieving video or audio content, while Vidrovr can capture live streaming video for automatic tagging and indexing before integrating it with a Dropbox video collection. Vidrovr also offers a clip generator for sharing bits of longer videos as well as “recommender” tools that analyze written articles and suggest related video content from the archive, Dropbox said.

Dropbox: dropbox.com