Production tracking and review platform Ftrack showed new support for real-time project management via Unreal Engine and Unity at SIGGRAPH this week.

The integration of Unreal Engine and Unity comes as game engines are increasingly being used as real-time animation tools, augmenting or replacing storyboards and animatics in the pre-production process (and sometimes in production, too).

Screenshot: Ftrack integration with unreal Engine

Ftrack integration with unreal Engine

“The last 12 months saw Ftrack grow by 300%,” said Ftrack CEO Fredrik Limsäter in a prepared statement. “We’ve channeled that resource into the product, notably into real-time workflows, security, and new localizations for more territories.”

Ftrack is also previewing two-factor authentication as well as Japanese and Spanish localization at the show. Additional integration with version-control software Perforce Helix Core is new in beta, the company said.