The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) has revealed nine areas of filmmaking innovation that its Scientific and Technical Awards Committee is investigating for possible recognition in 2020.

These areas include:

  • Professional desktop monitors with self-calibration
  • Head-mounted facial acquisition systems
  • Wireless video transmission systems used in motion picture production
  • Frameworks enabling high-performance ray-geometry intersections
  • Hair simulation toolsets
  • Audio repair and restoration software for motion pictures
  • Automatic dialog post-synchronization systems
  • Costume, prop, hair and makeup tracking and inventory communication tools for physical production
  • Post-production tracking and scheduling systems

If you and/or your colleagues have invented devices or made other innovations in these fields, now is your opportunity to speak up. AMPAS requests that any of those achievements be submitted for review.

Don’t dawdle — the deadline for submissions is 5 p.m. PT September 17.

Once the investigations are complete, the Sci-Tech Committee will meet next spring to vote on its recommendations to the Academy’s Board of Governors, which is responsible for final award decisions.

“The science and technology of filmmaking is constantly evolving and advancing. Each year, the Academy researches technology that has had a significant impact on the motion picture arts. This year, we are examining a distinct group of technologies, which includes hair simulation, facial capture and audio repair,” said Doug Roble, chair of the Scientific and Technical Awards Committee, in a prepared statement. “The current awards cycle will commence with a series of exhaustive investigations, conducted by a committee made up of industry experts with a diversity of expertise, and culminate with the Scientific and Technical Awards ceremony in June.”

The next Scientific and Technical Awards Presentation will take place Saturday, June 20, 2020.