Alibi Music Library announced ATX, a new catalog comprising 13 albums and 155 separate pieces of music geared to theatrical trailers and TV launch promos.

The ATX tracks are priced and licensed by Alibi based on length and scope of use, and are not covered by the company’s blanket or preferred vendor agreements, Alibi said.

Screenshot showing part of ATX catalog

A sample of the ATX catalog
Alibi Music Library

What kinds of music are appropriate for trailers and promos? According to Alibi, these tracks include “sweeping orchestration, explosive thundering sound design, extreme action, aggressively catchy stomps, modern-day western and heart-pounding horror” and combine sampled instruments with live recordings. Tracks are structured to provide ample edit points, and alternate versions and stems are available for further customization of selected tracks.

Alibi Director of Production Sam Wale learned about the craft of composing trailer music partly through his work with the editors of trailers for New MutantsAquaman and Abominable, the company said. “After listening to our film and TV partners for several years, we’ve homed in on what editors truly need when working music into their promotional content,” said Wale in a prepared statement. “The launch of ATX gives us the opportunity to take that experience to a whole other level and really push the limits of production standards.”

Alibi Music Library: