EditShare said it will debut EFS 2020, a new version of its file system and management console that it says increases throughput up to 20%, at IBC.

The improved performance can be credited in part to the company’s decision to write its own native EFS drivers for Windows, Mac and Linux tuned specifically for media and entertainment applications, according to EditShare Marketing Director Lee Griffin.

“We’re bypassing traditional IT SMB mounting,” Griffin told StudioDaily, using the example of a facility running Adobe Premiere Pro on Mac OS, Avid Media Composer on Windows, and Autodesk Flame on Linux, all accessing storage via EditShare’s custom drivers. “They’re getting up to a 20% bandwidth improvement to our storage, even with the same drives, because we’re cutting out all the latencies of traditional IT traffic.”

In addition to performance improvements, EFS 2020 includes a new content-auditing platform that tracks all file access and content movement for delivery in an easily readable activity report. It’s a response to increased concerns about security, Griffin said, informed by best practices from the MPAA and the EBU.

“We are tracking the lifecycle of a file from its inception to its delivery,” Griffin said, noting that the system keeps track of “three Ws,” meaning who did what to a given file, and when.

“At the end, when you’re delivering the file to a movie [studio] or to Netflix, you can give them the entire audit of who touched that file throughout that lifecycle at your facility,” he continued. “You can guarantee that this file hasn’t gotten into the wrong hands. We’re unique in how our platform works, because we do it more efficiently and in real time, and we give the IT administrator a visual dashboard of what’s going on.”

EditShare will demonstrate EFS 2020, along with its Flow 2020 media asset management system at the IBC show next month at stand 7.A35. EFS 2020 is scheduled to be available by the end of the year.

EditShare: www.editshare.com