MTI Film said its Cortex v5.2 workflow software is certified for Dolby Vision Content Mapping v4. That makes it the first mastering software to earn v4 certification from Dolby, the company said.

That means Cortex 5.2 supports the optimal display of HDR titles on the current (late 2019) generation of HDR-enabled displays. Cortex can apply Dolby Vision content-mapping algorithms in IMF packages as well as when importing, exporting and modifying Dolby Vision XML and XMF files, the company said.

“Cortex includes the most complete toolkit for Dolby Vision packaging among IMF mastering solutions,” said MTI Film Director of Product Development Randy Reck in a prepared statement. “It is the first mastering software to achieve v4 content mapping certification from Dolby. We continue to add support and features to make the process of fulfilling complex delivery requirements fast, reliable and accurate. Support for the latest Dolby Vision Content Mapping, version 4, is another important step forward.”

Also included in the latest release of Cortex are support for Cuda 10, including Nvidia’s 2080 Ti hardware, AJA Kona 5, and Blackmagic Decklink 8K, along with ACES 1.1, Red’s SDK v7.1, Blackmagic Raw, ProRes Raw, and the new Sony SDK with XOCN 4K (2.39:1) and Venice CineAlta-V 6K (16:9 and 2.39:1).

MTI said Cortex v5.2 also boasts the following features: improved waveform reticles and a millivolt scale; the ability to append to LTO tape and PDF reports; audio waveforms in the Edit tool; support for IMSC 1.1 and image-based subtitles; improved HDR support for the HEVC codec; support for the SXR format; improved handling of EXR metadata; improved ProRes MXF rendering; the ability to file per-edit renders in a supplemental IMF; improved DCP signature compliance; and improved dead-pixel detection.

Cortex Dailies sells for $6,995 or $585/month and Cortex Enterprise sells for $14,995 or $1,095/month, with 24-hour site support available as a $6,995 add-on. Dolby Vision decoding/encoding is available as a $3,995 permanent license option for the enterprise version.

MTI Film: