At IBC, Adobe announced Auto Reframe, a tool for automatically reframing content for publication in different aspect ratios — notably including the oddball aspect ratios required by social media platforms.

Using Adobe’s Sensei machine-learning technology, the new Premiere Pro feature analyzes, crops and pans footage for different square, vertical and widescreen versions, keeping any graphic elements, such as title overlays or lower thirds, completely in frame.

Adobe Premiere Pro Auto Reframe

Adobe Premiere Pro Auto Reframe

That promises to lift a burden either from producers, directors and DPs (who may need to protect their frame for the various versions) or, more often, from editors, who have been tasked with the tedious work of going through their edits, shot by shot, to make sure the image fits the frame for social deliverables.

Editors start using Auto Reframe by selecting a Motion Preset, indicating how much movement is included in the footage to be analyzed. That helps the software make decisions about what’s important in the picture as it automatically adds motion keyframes to make the frame follow action in the video footage.

Auto Reframe can be applied to individual frames, or to an entire timeline, which generates a new, reframed sequence. If motion keyframes have already been added to individual shots, those decisions can be preserved by choosing an option to nest the clips on the timeline. If the clips are not nested, the new keyframes will replace any existing motion adjustments.

Watch Adobe’s demo video to see it in action.

But don’t get too excited — Auto Reframe isn’t available yet. Adobe says it will show up in a release of Premiere pro later this year.

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