HDR colorists will soon have a new option in the color suite with the arrival of Canon’s new flagship reference display, the DP-V3120.

The DPV-3120 is a 31-inch 4K HDR reference display that boasts an eye-watering full-frame peak luminance of 2000 nits (Canon claims it’s uniquely bright among pro 4K reference displays) and black levels of .001 nits — “as close to zero as you can get without an OLED,” according to Canon USA Quality Engineer Specialist Nate McFarlin.

The screen itself is a single-layer LCD panel with white LED backlighting. Canon says it redesigned the backlight system with five times as many backlight zones as previous models and a more efficient cooling unit. The screen itself has a matte, not a glossy finish, McFarlin said.

The bottom line? According to McFarlin, the panel’s specs exceed the latest published requirements for Dolby Vision-certified mastering facilities.

Canon DP-V3120

DP-V3120 31-inch pro 4K reference display
Canon USA

The DP-V3120 will come with Canon’s HDR Tookit — vectorscope, waveform monitor, histogram — built in, along with the capability to check pixel-level values, do HDR-SDR split-screen comparisons, and control the display remotely via LAN and a web browser.

Connectivity features include four 12G-SDI inputs, four more 12G-SDI outputs, and a single HDMI 2.0 jack. The display weighs about 68 pounds.

Canon estimates the street price of the DP-V3120 at $39,000, which makes it — well, not cheap, exactly. But it is competitive with Dolby Vision reference monitors from the likes of Sony and Flanders Scientific. The DP-V3120 is expected to ship during the second week of November.

Canon: usa.canon.com/provideo