Montréal-based Haivision said today it has acquired the LightFlow streaming optimization technology from Madrid, Spain, developer Epic Labs.

The Lightform platform uses perceptual video quality metrics, real-time CDN performance analysis and machine learning algorithms for streaming video quality optimizations. Haivision said the acquisition will give it an array of AI and machine-learning systems that it will use to develop new technology for video workflow, including content-aware video encoding and optimization, content indexing and object detection.

The company also pointed to LightFlow’s media cloud orchestration architecture and Epic Labs’ work developing a DASH.js implementation including low-latency CMAF-over-HTTP support, which it said is complementary to Haivision’s own work with the open source SRT protocol, including the recently announced SRT Hub low-latency media routing service hosted on Microsoft Azure.

“By bringing our visions together, we are poised to enable the delivery of revolutionary new end-to-end media solutions that will transform low-latency streaming workflows — from contribution and distribution all the way to delivery and monetization,” said Haivision founder and CEO Mirko Wicha in a prepared statement.

Haivision said LightFlow staff will remain based in Madrid. Haivision has R&D offices in Portland, OR, Chicago, IL,  Austin, TX, and Hamburg, Germany.