The Atomos Shogun 7 monitor-recorder gets multi-camera switching, monitoring and ISO recording with this week’s release of AtomOS 10.4.

The new software update, available as a free download from Atomos, allows Shogun 7 users to switch between four live HD-SDI video streams at up to 1080p60. Switching is touch-controlled, allowing users to watch four streams in quad-view mode and switch between sources by tapping on the appropriate window. The program stream can be output via HDMI, SDI, or both simultaneously.

Shogun 7 in quad-view mode.

Shogun 7 in quad-view mode.

All four streams can be recorded to SSD in isolation, in Apple ProRes or Avid DNx, along with an Apple Final Cut Pro XML file recording the switches, as the switched program is being output. That should allow your favorite NLE to reconstruct the live program on its timeline when you import the ISO files together with the XML.

The recordings include two-channel embedded audio from each source as well as any analog stereo channels being input with an optional XLR breakout cable.

In full-screen view, the Shogun 7 also offers visual analysis tools including waveforms, magnification, and focus peaking.

“With live switching now available to any filmmaker, on a simple-to-use, touchscreen device, we’re taking multicamera video out of the purely professional domain and giving every content creator access to this more engaging form of storytelling,” said Atomos CEO Jeromy Young in a prepared statement.