Michael Shapiro

Director Michael Shapiro has joined Santa Monica commercial production company Spears & Arrows.

In addition to commercial work for brands including YouTube and GapKids (see below), Shapiro is a business- and film-school graduate with off-Broadway theater experience plus credited directing gigs for CSI and Soldier of Fortune as well as the short film “Jihad,” which won a special jury mention at the Tribeca Film Festival.

“I have known Shapiro for about five years now, and I am most impressed with Shapiro’s ability to immerse himself into the storytelling process,” said Spears & Arrows founder/MD Jason Wolk in a prepared statement. “He considers objectives, relationships, humor, conflict and joy.  In every slice-of-life moment we have these real elements, and Michael knows exactly how to capture authentic moments on-camera without ever being saccharine.”

“As a director I try to strip away as much as possible, any sense that there’s a director’s hand anywhere. Not even like a documentary, but rather as if you’re in the room with these people. It’s about finding the right location, hiring actors that are just a little bit unexpected, and giving them the freedom to find that perfect moment.” — Michael Shapiro

“That low tech approach [the spot was shot with a consumer camera] made it more believable, and that’s ultimately what I strive for as a filmmaker. And I like that it’s not just a series of cute vignettes, but there’s a real story underpinning it. In this case, all of this chaos is leading to the kids’ first class picture, which is something all parents can relate to.”

Michael Shapiro/Spears & Arrows: spearsandarrows.tv