Colorfront said it is going after the Apple Mac Pro market with a new subscription model for its Colorfront Express Dailies software.

In the first quarter of 2020, the company plans to begin offering a year-long rental of Express Dailies 2020, including maintenance, updates and upgrades, for $5,000. Colorfront said a new Mac Pro running MacOS Catalina with Express Dailies and an Apple Pro Display XDR makes a “more financially viable proposition than ever before” for productions looking at on-set HDR monitoring options.

Apple Mac Pro with Pro Display XDR

Apple Mac Pro with Pro Display XDR

“Colorfront Express Dailies 2020 rental option delivers great value for money,” said Colorfront MD Aron Jaszberenyi in a prepared statement. “When combined with the new Apple Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR, Express Dailies 2020 gives very powerful new options for filmmakers wanting to take full advantage of 6K HDR/SDR workflows and HDR on-set.”

Camera and editorial format support in Express Dailies 2020 includes Apple ProRes Raw, Arri Alexa LF and Mini LF Arriraw, Sony Venice 5.0, Blackmagic Raw 1.5, and Codex HDR.