Disguise has released version 17 of its live-experience video production software, adding new compositing features and NDI support.

Disguise allows users to previsualize event and installation projects in 3D, properly aligning video projections, projection-mapped installations, and other productions. The new PreComps feature in r17 allows users to route video between different layers, blending and mixing content sources. These PreComps can be used in multiple locations, making the software’s timelines cleaner and more flexible, Disguise said. Disguise also said the set-up process for SockPuppet projects controlled in Disguise via a lighting desk or networked device has been simplified and performance improved.

This version of Disguise also includes support for NewTek’s NDI networked video protocol. An NDI source can be brought onto the Disguise stage in real time, allowing live previews to be streamed from third-party tools including Autodesk 3ds Max and Adobe After Effects.

Other improvements in r17 enumerated by Disguise include:

  • Alembic file support
  • 3D feathering and masking
  • Tick boxes replace Boolean UI options
  • Ability to export current frame of live video
  • SockPuppet personality editor
  • Media Asset browser viewed as a list
  • Lock layers in place on the timeline avoiding accidental edits
  • Export of internally made textures
  • Multi-edit list imported or exported via CSV

A full set of release notes is available at the Disguise website.

Disguise Designer, a software-only version of the Disguise production suite, is available with a variety of timed licenses, ranging from $125 for one month to $2,200 for 24 months. Disguise also offers a free trial version of the software, along with a range of hardware for video playback and rendering on site.

Disguise: download.disguise.one