redla.jpgAfter only two meetings the RED Los Angeles User Group has become a great forum for exchange of ideas concerning all things RED.One of the goals of RED Los Angeles User Group is to educate and inform the professionals about pros and cons of this technology. The group is a joint effort between Russ McDonald and Kappa Studios which hosts the monthly events.

Kappa Studios is a post production facility with many clients who are considering or are already shooting with the RED. All these producers and directors find the RED Los Angeles User Group a great resource because they can connect with the camera owners and operators and discuss RED production in a relaxed setting.

The first meeting in March 2008 started off with a bang. More than 200 people came together to chat, eat breakfast and check out third party accessories for the RED.

There was a surprise in store for the members at the last meeting that took place on May 10, 2008. Ted Schilowitz, the official Leader of the Rebellion from RED Digital Cinema came by to meet and greet everyone.

In a forty five minute session Ted talked about the EPIC, SCARLET and RED RAY and took questions about the upcoming firmware release. Kappa Studios’ dub stage was packed to the last seat with many people left standing inside and outside the door. Those who could not fit in the room were able to check out other presentations that were taking place at the same time.

Producer Rick Shaw and Director of Photography Gianny Trutmann discussed their recent RED originated documentary called “The Wordz Project” in which they took a skeleton crew and a RED ONE to the roughest parts of Los Angeles to document the new directions in Rap.

Element Technica showed their video breakout box and the complete line of accessories. View Factor Studios brought in their motion control head. eCinema Systems provided monitors for the RED cameras at the event.

Someone even got lucky at the event! A lucky raffle winner walked away with a full set of CoreMelt plugins for Final Cut Pro.

Igor Ridanovic, HD and D-cinema Consultant