Recently I linked to an upcoming useful book about the RED camera. Yep, that was an actual printed book with real paper pages and a printed cover! That book is not available.

Hot on the heels of that camera book comes word on another printed (via Adventures in (AVC)HD) book about another camera, the Panasonic HMC 150. From the HMC 150 Book website:

The comprehensive, detailed, and ultimate reference guide for Panasonic’s HMC150 camcorder is now shipping: “The HMC150 Book” (with an included CD-ROM). This book and CD package presents a comprehensive examination of the camera and all its features, settings, and modes, the tapeless workflow, working with AVCHD footage, and tutorials on some of the most common situations users find themselves facing.

This camera is quite a nice camera and a great alternative to the popular HVX 200. I recently used it on a shoot and was quite happy with both the quality, features and operation. And as great as the Internet, iPhones, eReaders, PDFs and lots of inkjet printed pages are there’s something still enjoyable about holding a book in your hand and taking it with you. IMHO they are still nice to have on the shelf.

The HMC 150 Book by Barry Green is available for $69.95 (plus $4.95 shipping and handling). Yes it’s a bit expensive but these niche books often are as the market for them isn’t that large.  If you own the camera it’s probably worth the price as there’s bound to be something you can learn right?