By now you are probably part of the 10 million + people (and that’s just the official YouTube posting) who have viewed the OK Go music video masterwork “This Too Shall Pass.” If you haven’t then shame on you. Here it is if you’ve somehow missed it:

If you want to watch in HD then click over to the YouTube page and then return. You may have read any of the countless making of pieces on the ‘net about this video but band has posted an official This Too Shall Pass Interactive Floor Plan that is a really fun way to kill a ton of time as you click around to the various locations in the video. See still images of the contraption’s pieces, making of video, descriptions of how it was done as well as the specific part of the video where a given piece of machinery is located:

Really an amazing interactive demonstration of how cool well planned Internet content can be. It’s Flash based so don’t try it on your new iPad.