In this 28-minute training video, John Dickinson, who created the training site Motionworks, demonstrates how to create broadcast graphics with particles using Boris Continuum Complete 8 for After Effects. Dickinson shows you how to create a dynamic, organic logo reveal using BCC 8 AE’s new Particle Emitter 3D filter.
“As the particles fly out toward the camera, you get a really nice tumble effect that makes the logo feel a little bit more natural and random,” says Dickinson, who is also a senior broadcast designer at Foxtel, the Australian cable and satellite subscription television provider.

How similar is the Boris particle emitter to Trapcode Particular, you might ask? Boris FX product manager Dirk De Jong   thinks the two play pretty much in the same sandbox, but OpenGL rendering may give BCC Particle Emitter 3D a distinct advantage. “My sense is that BCC Particle Emitter 3D matches up well with Trapcode  Particular,” he says. “With this effect we are basically upgrading the BCC particles to have better AE integration, adding support of  After Effects lights, cameras, masks, etc. The Evolution graphs and Gradient controls  give a better level of control than what we had before, and there is now support for some true 3D particle shapes with 3D lighting and more.  In many cases, the OpenGL rendering allows BCC Particle Emitter 3D to use  bigger size particle images without slowing down as much as a software  rendering particle effects such as Particular might.”

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