It’s with a hint of sadness that I write this, my last regular blog post here on Studio Daily. I’m leaving the regular StudioDaily blogging behind as I’m going to focus that time back over at my own creation, the original Editblog. With the new year comes a number of changes, both personally and professionally, so I’ve had to prioritize a number of things on my ever-growing to-do list. I still love all the folks here at Studio and greatly value the contributions they bring to our industry but after 5+ years of regularly posting articles here on the blog (usually a couple times a month at the least, sometimes a couple of times a week if there was important stuff to talk about) I thought a change might do me some good. I’ll still be around for the occasional product review, though, so keep your eyes open for that.

It’s been a fun five years as we’ve talked about a lot of things during that time … some controversial, others less so. We’ve talked about GoPro, SuperMeets that happened and didn’t happen, young FCP editors and what some of their problems may or may not be, Premiere’s rise, YouTube tutorials, Avid’s ups and downs and, of course, FCPX. I was happy to join up with StudioDaily and contribute to the blog as I always felt it was a good place to come for a lot of different kinds of information related to our industry. Studio Daily isn’t dedicated to just post-production or just DSLRs or just visual effects. There’s always been a good mix of things from around the industry as a whole, not just on the blog but on the entire site as well.

Studio will still be in my RSS feed and a regular stop while clicking around the ‘net. They’re always looking for new contributors, so if you'd like to be a blogger or reviewer for Studio, drop a note to Bryant Frazer ( and let him know. Keep an eye toward the Editblog on Pro Video Coalition where I’ll continue with the usual editing and post-style articles, including the always popular Useful Tools for Editors column. Or feel free to drop me a line and say hello.

Happy New Year to all.