New Features Address Security, Ease of Use, and Bandwidth Management

Collaborative post platform is getting a major update, with new features designed to improve security and make project-sharing easier for large groups.

The expanded sharing and permission controls allow users to turn off download, sharing, and invitation tools for collaborators, and files and folders can be set as private team files that are invisible to collaborators. Links can be password-protected and downloads easily disabled. co-founder Emery Wells told StudioDaily that the primary concerns in this update are security and real-world usability. "There is a huge variety in the environments where is being used, so having more granular permissions and the ability to control who sees what has been a top feature request."

The new Project Sharing option generates a unique URL that can be shared via email to allow collaborators on board. The system's upload functionality has been retooled for speed, reliability and security, and the size limit for uploaded files has been increased to 50 GB.

frame-io-2's Final Cut Pro Companion app is getting upgraded, too, with new support for queuing jobs. Multiple projects can be batch-exported, and multiple files can be drag-and-dropped from the Finder onto the taskbar for upload. It's now easier to cancel individual file uploads or view them in a browser window. FCP X markers on clips are preserved as time-stamped comments when uploaded to

Additionally, the app now functions as a standalone uploader even without FCP X installed, allowing watch folders to be set up, or for FCP X file pairs to be dragged and dropped into the interface for upload.

A new reduced bandwidth option restricts uploads to one at a time in order to avoid swamping a computer's network connection. We asked Wells if the general availability of adequate bandwidth has been a concern for users, and he agreed that it's still an issue. "Our next update will focus entirely on performance," he told us. "We're working on a number of updates that will reduce bandwidth requirements while still being able to get a great experience. We'll also be adding more infrastructure around the world, which will have a big impact for users outside of the United States." said its platform now has more than 50,000 members hailing from 120 countries. Watch the videos below for a whirlwind tour of the new features: