IRVINE, Calif., Feb. 5, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — StorageDNA, Inc., a leader in intelligent storage and archiving workflow solutions for media professionals, today announced support for Linear Tape Open Version 6 (LTO-6) with Linear Tape File System (LTFS). The company's archive and retrieval workflow solution, DNA Evolution™, now supports LTO-6 and LTFS for its Linux®, Mac® and compact Thunderbolt™ field solutions.

"StorageDNA is dedicated to providing advanced and innovative solutions for our customers, and we develop for LTO as it has proven to be the most economical, high performing, and safe long-term storage technology for the media and entertainment industries," said tC Chakravarty, CEO and president, StorageDNA. "As we continue to push the limits of archiving and restoring performance, we are committed to utilizing the full potential of LTO and LTFS. With LTO-6, we enable our customers to achieve unequaled time and cost savings."

The sixth generation of LTO is another major step forward, significantly increasing the capacity and data transfer rate to 2.5 TB and 160 MB/sec. Unleashed by LTFS, LTO tape's position in the industry is further strengthened as the de-facto long-term archiving medium. Key performance features of DNA Evolution, including direct-connect transfers and media data movers, maximize the 160 MB/sec performance and 2.5 TB of LTO-6, producing incredible speeds.

DNA Evolution is an intelligent LTO with LTFS archive and retrieval workflow solution that optimizes the management of file-based content to help media professionals work more efficiently and save costs. Additionally, DNA Evolution maintains the integrity of digital assets while ensuring content openness and future access. The improved LTO-6 archival life, combined with DNA Evolution's automated and periodic tape health checks, ensures the long-term protection and integrity of media.

Version 2.1 of DNA Evolution is currently available and offers enhancements in the areas of user experience, user interface design, error reporting, tape verification, and integration support. New users can choose between LTO-5 and LTO-6 technology, and existing users have the option of upgrading their LTO-5 drives to LTO-6.