The Vault, the licensed music collection from sonic branding experts Stephen Arnold Music, has announced several major additions to its offerings. 

Building on its partnership with H2U, a top European collective that excels in electronica, techno, rock and more, The Vault now offers H2U’s “Volume 15: Cargo 3, Eerie Drones,” featuring drones and atmospheric textures composed for the European science fiction film of the same name. The notable soundtrack of "Cargo" is available in its entirety.

Also from H2U is “Volume 16: Documentary Soundtrack 2” which has a Celtic focus, with a heavy emphasis on harps bagpipes and similar instrumentation. 

Clio Award-winning Song Zu — the Australia/Singapore-based collective that specializes in advertising — releases “Volume 3 and 4" of their catalog of advertising and promotional themes. Over the next several months The Vault willrelease Song Zu’s elite collection of 15 volumes and 300 compositions covering virtually every genre. 

Only the top hip-hop producers are invited to contribute to Anno Domini Nation. This month, the Vault introduces "Volumes 8-9" of their authentic urban beats, ideal for underscores and promos. These latest editions feature select work from producers “Life & Death” — a duo whose dark pop and house sensibilities are tinged with a psychedelic edge.  

Bringing On The Boom And More:

On the sound effects side, The Vault has also added the Boom Library of sound effects. Founded by a group of German game audio experts, Boom Library’s high definition collections go deep with volumes including “Close Combat,” “Historical Firearms,” “Cinematic Metal,” “Trains,” “Guns,” “Horses” and more. Boom Library is fully incorporated into the Vault’s search engine allowing for immediate access to thousands of world-class sound effects. 

Also joining the roster is Synchronized Soundworks, a highly diversified production music catalog run by Abby North, a member of the Alex North family who brought “Unchained Melody” and other soundtrack classics to the world.  

In addition, The Vault also offers The Stephen Arnold Music Collection, high-end compositions from their custom music division; and The Artist Collection, selected tracks from established hit songwriters like Greg Barnhill, Tom Freund and Grammy-winning jazz artist Diana Krall.

Every track in The Vault’s custom music catalog was either an artist’s original creation, painstakingly written and recorded for commercial release, custom music for a major network, client or ad agency, or has the same high-end production value. Multiple edits and mix-outs of virtually every cut are available.

Streamlined Interface:

Producers, creative directors, editors and music supervisors experience The Vault via an updated, attractively streamlined user interface. The GUI provides users with fast searching, for quickest-possible access to the tracks they need for their media. Selections stream immediately in high-resolution audio, with all necessary information available at a glance.

In total, The Vault now stands as a collection of seven catalogues encompassing 220 volumes, 3300 individual themes, and 9000 tracks. The Vault’s tracks have been used in productions by FOX Television, Bunim/Murray, ESPNU, Fischer Productions, Turner Networks, and ION Television, among others.