At AES, Apogee introduced The Element Series — a line of three new Thunderbolt audio IO interfaces in simplified form factors for the Mac. 

The Element 24 ($595) has 10 ins and 12 outs, the Element 46 ($895) has 12 ins and 14 outs, and the Element 88 ($1,495) has 16 ins and 16 outs.




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Each of the units features analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters, mic preamps with a 48v phantom power option, single-port Thunderbolt connections, and sound quality comparable to Apogee's pricier 30 in x 34 out Ensemble Thunderbolt interface, the company said. They are controllable via Mac application, iOS app, hardware remote, or Logic Pro X integration.

Round-trip latency at 96 kHz with an IO buffer set to 32 samples in Logic Pro X takes 1.41 ms, Apogee said. The units are also designed to optimize sound quality when headphones with difference impedances are connected.

The Element 46 and Element 88 are now shipping; Element 24 is expected to be available in November. Element Control for Mac and iOS are both available now (Mac software via Apogee's website and iOS software through the Apple App store). An optional remote-control will be available in November for $195.