Natasha Khan, aka Bat for Lashes, directs herself in this music video shot with five other women dancing on an expansive dry lake bed. According to a press release, Khan is playing Nikki Pink, “head priestess of the Lost Girls, spreading magic and light through a triumphant ceremonial performance.” Though the clip features a restless, fluidly moving camera, the crisp video footage has a raw quality that makes it feel personal. Sean Conaty was the DP; Jamie O’Donnell edited.


Nikki Pink: Natasha Khan

Lost Girls: Avery Wheless, Evangeline Neuhart, Dominique N Godinez, Kenzie McClure, Angelica DeWitt

Director: Natasha Khan
Producer: Margo Mars

Production Company: Lief

Director of Photography: Sean Conaty
Costume Design: Devin Winter
Nikki Pink Dress: Romance Was Born
Hair & Make-Up Artist: Alex Perrone
Line Producer: Roberto Rodriguez
Casting: Avery Wheless
Editor: Jamie O’Donnell
Colourist: Yoomin Lee
Titles: Fraser Muggeridge Studio