As the tech-savvy world tweeted about Apple‘s impending tablet this morning (for the unplugged, news officially hits today at 10 am PST/1 pm EST), Flash Developers wondered, “Will it support Flash?” If the iSlate or iPad or whatever it will be called uses the iPhone OS, as rumored, it will not.

Flash developers have long wished to port their creations to the lucrative iPhone app market. Adobe finally offered them a bridge last fall when it released the private beta of Flash CS5. Though the Flash Player plug-in still won’t play in Safari on the iPhone, keeping every Web-based Flash animation from iPhone viewers, a new feature in Flash CS5 will let developers publish ActionScript 3 projects to run as native iPhone Apps. When this Packager for iPhone module ships with CS5 later this year, you’ll be able to take any Flash-based content you created for the Web and use the packager to convert it instantly into an iPhone app.

Takayuki Fukatsu, a Flash developer in Japan who received a private beta, has created a free metronome iPhone app using Flash CS5, he says, to disprove the assumption that Flash is too slow for the iPhone. Fukatsu is planning to distribute the source code for this app as an open source after the actual CS5 release date (which, of course, is still officially under wraps). Follow Fukatsu on Twitter ( for updates on the source code and to see what other apps he has up his sleeve.

It seems likely that Apple’s new tablet will first go after the Amazon Kindle and Sony Reader market, with an iTunes payment system already in place (McGraw-Hill’s CEO said as much on CNBC yesterday). If other reports are true, there is even an HDTV tuner built in. But now that the approximately two million Flash developers can have a go at it, many more random time-filling Apps—and one hopes, more handy production and post utilities—will soon follow.