New Lens Family Combines Highest Performance with Small Size, Weight and Price

ARRI and Fujinon have joined their extensive
expertise to create a completely new family of modern cine zooms. Using the
latest in optical design technology and innovative manufacturing techniques, the
ARRI/Fujinon Alura Zooms combine the highest optical performance with an
amazingly small size, weight and price.
The wide Alura Zoom 18-80 and the long Alura Zoom 45-250 are a set of
matched PL mount cine zooms for digital and film cameras. While they exhibit
excellent optical performance, their size and weight has been kept practical,
allowing crews to work fast on the set. The Alura Zooms combine the utmost in
optical quality with speedy production efficiency.

Both lenses share a maximum open aperture of T2.6. Great care has been taken
during the design phase to ensure that the T-stop remains truly consistent over
the whole zoom range, avoiding the common decrease in light level across the
zoom range (zoom ramping) of other zoom lenses. This is especially useful when
the Alura Zooms are used on digital cameras, where a drop in light levels
becomes quickly visible.

Alura Zooms exhibit high contrast and high resolution for sharp, punchy images.
While the special optical design ensures an evenly illuminated image on the
sensor or film plane, internal reflections like flares and veiling glare have been
greatly reduced through the use of Fujinon’s multi-layer EBC (Electron Beam
Coating) lens coating. This ensures maximum light transmission and a high
contrast image with clear highlights and true, deep blacks. Color fringing is
minimized through the use of extraordinary dispersion glass. Breathing (an
unwanted change in image size when focusing) has been greatly reduced
especially at the wide end, where it is most noticeable and annoying. Nine iris
leaves provide round, out-of-focus highlights and a pleasing, organic bokeh.

Alura Zooms are compatible with ARRI digital and film cameras as well as ARRI
accessories. Like all other ARRI products, these zooms have been constructed
to stringent environmental requirements for the rough conditions of professional
production, be that in the Arctic or the Amazon. Equally important is fast and
easy operation: large, easy-to-read precision focus scales on both sides of the
lens make focus pulling a snap.

The Alura Zooms’ color characteristics, as well as their handling, are matched to
existing prime lenses in ARRI’s outstanding repertoire. With two new extenders
(1.4x and 2x) developed specifically for Fujinon PL mount zooms, ARRI now
offers the widest range of cine lenses for all professional production demands,
including zooms, high speed primes, standard speed primes, extreme wide angle
and telephoto primes, macro, extenders and diopters.

ARRI/Fujinon Alura Zooms will be available June 2010.