A focused toolset for rotoscoping, keying, paint and retouching, and clean plate and shot preparation

SIGGRAPH Los Angeles: July 27, 2010 — eyeon Software Inc. announced today, at SIGGRAPH 2010, the official shipping release of Rotation version 6.1. Following in the footsteps of Fusion’s recent architectural advancements, Rotation 6.1 is a focused toolset for rotoscoping, keying, paint and retouching, and clean plate and shot preparation. This is a complement to eyeon’s new stereoscopic site licensing.
Rotation 6.1 has been updated to include a plethora of new tools that enhance overall productivity, including significant changes to the stereo conversion workflow for rotoscoping, depth map creation, occlusion painting, and keying to extract features and objects. The expanded tool set allows artists to efficiently meet deadlines and prepare plates for the senior compositing pipeline.

Highlighted Features

    ·    Stereo playback
    ·    64Bit version
    ·    Floating point, HDR image engine
    ·    DOD/ROI – domain of definition and region of interest
    ·    Python and Lua scripting
    ·    Node-based workflow
    ·    Ram image cache for instant playback
    ·    A/B image buffers for comparing shots
    ·    RED camera image support
    ·    Shared collaborative workflow bins system
    ·    ASCII-based projects
    ·    Tight integration with eyeon’s Fusion, as well as 3D animation applications
    ·    Advanced support for EXR, Cineon and DPX
    ·    Bezier and Bspline rotosplines
    ·    Controllable motion blur with shutter angle and weighting to match live action
    ·    Advanced spline integration, such as double-edged splines to control drop-off
    ·    Vector Paint and retouching system
    ·    Advanced keying and matte manipulation tools
    ·    Advanced Color system, such as color gain, hue curves, grid warping, blur, and more.

Rotation 6.1 provides a cost effective solution and expanded tool set for visual effects studios. Taking advantage of 64bit computing, GPU’s and other architectural initiatives in eyeon’s supercomputing roadmap, realtime rendering now provides facilities with immediate results, changing the landscape of compositing pipelines forever.